Workington Academy Staff List 2021-2022

Senior Leadership Team

Mr M Bedford                                                                 Deputy Headteacher and Teacher of Science

Mr D Bird                                                                         Headteacher and Teacher of Science

Dr J Daulby                                                                      Assistant Headteacher and Teacher of Science

Mr B Hendren                                                                 Assistant Headteacher and Teacher of Science

Mr C Kearton                                                                   Assistant Headteacher and Director of Maths

Mrs K Kinrade                                                                  Assistant Headteacher, Acting DSL and Teacher of Humanities

Mrs A McAllister                                                             Head of Sixth Form, Careers Leader and Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs R O’Hagan                                                                Deputy Headteacher and Teacher of English

Miss N Tweddle                                                              Assistant Headteacher, Director of learning and Teacher of PE


Design and Technology

Mrs C Carrick                                                                   Teacher of Design and Technology

Mr P Carrick                                                                      Design and Technology Technician

Mrs T Clarke                                                                     Teacher of Design and Technology

Mr G Jackson                                                                   Acting D&T Curriculum Team Leader

Miss J Kirkwood                                                              Teacher of Design and Technology

Mr R Murray                                                                    Teacher of Design and Technology

Mrs L Philipson                                                                Design and Technology Technician

Miss H Smith                                                                    DSL and Teacher of Design and Technology



Mrs H Calvert                                                                   Teacher of English

Mr J Clarke                                                                        Teacher of English

Miss K Davidson                                                             English Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Flanagan                                                                Teacher of English

Mr D Foley                                                                        Teacher of English

Mrs E Headley                                                                 Director of Literacy and Teacher of English

Mrs E Jary                                                                          Teacher of English

Mrs J Kearton                                                                  Teacher of English

Miss J McTaggart                                                            Deputy Director of Learning and Teacher of English

Miss A Savage                                                                 Teacher of English

Mrs K Sheckley                                                                English Curriculum Team Leader

Mrs C Thompson                                                            Director of Learning and Teacher of English

Mrs A Williamson                                                           Deputy Director of Learning and Teacher of English


Expressive Arts

Mr I Marshallsay                                                             Teacher of Music

Miss E Martin                                                                   Teacher of Drama

Miss C Milligan                                                                Teacher of Art

Mr P Murphy                                                                   Art Technician

Mrs A Murphy                                                                 Expressive Arts Curriculum Leader



Mrs J Bragg                                                                       Cleaner in Charge

Mr S Bragg                                                                        Site Assistant

Mrs P Crossley                                                                Cleaner

Mrs N Davidson                                                              Cleaner

Mrs P Dmytrowski                                                         Cleaner

Mrs L Flynn                                                                       Cleaner

Mrs B Garroway                                                             Cleaner

Mrs J Hanrahan                                                               Cleaner

Mr M Holden                                                                   Site Assistant

Mrs S McAllister                                                             Cleaner

Miss J McKenzie                                                             Cleaner

Mrs S Mullins                                                                   Cleaner

Mrs J Talbot                                                                      Cleaner

Mr L Townsley                                                                Site Operations Manager

Mrs S Walker                                                                   Cleaner

Miss H Westgarth                                                          Cleaner

Mrs P White                                                                     Cleaner


Health and Social Care

Ms K Fletcher-Tingley                                                  Teacher of Health and Social Care

Mrs J Murphy                                                                  Health and Social Care Curriculum Leader

Mrs L Walker-Taylor                                                      Teacher of Health and Social Care and PE



Mr P Batchelor                                                                History Curriculum Leader

Mrs L Campbell                                                               Teacher of Humanities

Dr G Dooling                                                                     Teacher of Geography

Miss C Fisher                                                                    Geography Curriculum Leader

Mr R Foster                                                                      Teacher of Humanities

Mr D Sewell                                                                      Director of Learning and Teacher of Humanities

Mr N WIlson                                                                     Teacher of Humanities



Mr D Allgood                                                                    ICT Curriculum Leader

Miss L Dandy                                                                    Teacher of ICT

Mr A Williamson                                                             Teacher of ICT


Learning Support

Mrs J Adams                                                                    Special Educational Needs Coordinator

Ms E Barwick                                                                    Learning Support Teaching Assistant

Mr A Beaty                                                                       Learning Support Teaching Assistant

Ms B Bellerby                                                                  Apprentice Learning Support Teaching Assistant

Mrs N Cannan                                                                 Senior Learning Support Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Copeland                                                              Learning Support Teaching Assistant

Miss L Corkhill                                                                  Learning Support Teaching Assistant

Mr L Donnan                                                                    Learning Support Teaching Assistant

Miss C Elliott                                                                     Learning Support Teaching Assistant

Mrs C French                                                                   Learning Support Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Fulton                                                                     Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Glen                                                                       Senior Learning Support Teaching Assistant

Miss C Harrison                                                               Learning Support Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Harrison                                                                                Senior Learning Support Teaching Assistant

Mr J Hawkins                                                                   Apprentice Learning Support Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Hunter                                                                   Learning Support Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Jenkinson                                                             Learning Support Teaching Assistant

Ms J Kelly                                                                          Senior Learning Support Teaching Assistant

Mrs N Kelly                                                                       Senior Learning Support Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Little                                                                       Senior Learning Support Teaching Assistant

Miss A Matthews                                                           Learning Support Teaching Assistant

Miss L McCollough                                                         Learning Support Teaching Assistant

Miss A McTear                                                                Learning Support Teaching Assistant

Miss D Nicholson                                                            Apprentice Learning Support Teaching Assistant

Miss S Pattinson                                                             Learning Support Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Potter                                                                    Learning Support Team Leader



Mr A Branthwaite                                                          Teacher of Mathematics

Mr A Carter                                                                      Mathematics Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mr E Cross                                                                         Teacher of Mathematics

Miss A Denham                                                              Teacher of Mathematics

Mx A Finn                                                                          Teacher of Mathematics

Mr A Freeland                                                                 Mathematics Deputy Curriculum Leader

Mr S Hartley                                                                     Teacher of Mathematics

Miss S Hibberts                                                               Mathematics Curriculum Leader

Mr L Maxwell                                                                  Teacher of Mathematics


Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs J Bryden                                                                    Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

Mr W Davidson                                                               Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

Mr C Hamilton                                                                 Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs B Perkins                                                                  Modern Foreign Languages Curriculum Leader

Mr D Thomas                                                                   Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages


Pastoral Support Staff

Miss V Agnew                                                                  Student Provision Assistant

Mrs E Bromley                                                                 Inclusion Manager

Miss R Carter                                                                   Year Group Manager

Mr C Charters                                                                  Assistant Year Group Manager

Ms L Clarke                                                                       Year Group Manager and Deputy DSL

Mrs C Fitzgerald                                                              Student Engagement Officer

Mrs J Newman                                                                Year Group Manager

Miss V Preston                                                                Year Group Manager

Mrs L Robertson                                                             Year Group Manager

Mrs J Wilson                                                                     Student Provision Assistant

Mrs M Wilson                                                                  Year Group Manager



Mr M Holliday                                                                  PE Curriculum Leader

Mrs E Marshall                                                                Teacher of PE

Mr B Wilkinson                                                                Teacher of PE


Personal Development and Religious Education

Miss J Alston                                                                    PD and RE Curriculum Leader

Miss R Ivison                                                                    Teacher of RE



Mr J Burns                                                                         Teacher of Science

Mr D Crosdale                                                                 Teacher of Science

Ms S Foster                                                                      Teacher of Science

Mrs J Goddard                                                                Teacher of Science

Mrs R Heagarty                                                               Teacher of Science

Mrs A Homer                                                                   Teacher of Science

Mrs J Phillips                                                                    Science Technician

Mr J Savage                                                                      Science Curriculum Leader

Mrs H Ward                                                                      Teacher of Science

Miss C Watson                                                                Science Technician


Support staff

Mr J Barber                                                                       Cover Supervisor

Mr D Crabb                                                                       Network Technician

Miss T Dawson                                                                Administrator

Mrs N Davidson                                                              Midday Supervisor

Ms R de Fraine                                                                Cover Manager

Miss M Dixon                                                                   Administrator

Mrs A Gibbon                                                                  Midday Supervisor

Mrs L Grieveson                                                             SIMS Reporting and Exams Manager

Mrs J Hargrave                                                                Midday Supervisor

Miss G Hilton                                                                    Administrator

Mrs G Hoban                                                                    Data and Exams Support Officer

Miss M Jackson                                                               Cover Supervisor and Teacher

Miss N McGregor                                                           Specialist Teacher of Reading and Learning Resource Coordinator

Mrs S McVeigh                                                                Personal Assistant to the Headteacher

Mrs L Moore                                                                    Administrator

Miss M Parker                                                                 Midday Supervisor

Mrs L Wilkinson                                                              Cover Supervisor

Ms C Wilson                                                                     Senior Network Technician



Miss S Dandy                                                                   Transition Teacher

Miss S Lee                                                                         Deputy Director of Learning and Transition Teacher