This is an overview of the Health and Social Care curriculum at Workington Academy.

Subject Health and Social Care
Autumn Term Winter Term Summer Term
Key Stage 4
Exam Board OCR
Course Title Health and Social Care
Year 10 The stages and patterns of human growth and development.Factors that affect human growth and development Different types of relationships.Self concept.

Factors that influence self concept. Coursework -The range of care needs of major client groups.

Ways people can obtain services.The types of services that exist to meet needs.

How they are developed and organised.

Year 11 The principles of care that underpin all care work with individuals. The main work, role and skills of people who provide health, social care and early year’s services. Revise The stages and patterns of development, The factors that affect it, Different types of relationships, Self concept.
Key Stage 5
Exam Board OCR
Course Title Advanced GCE in Health and Social Care
Year 12 Attitudes and prejudice.Rights and responsibilities of people who use services and providers.

Facilitation of access to services.

Types of communication.

Factors that support and inhibit communication.

Communication skills.

Principles of health and well- being.

Preventative measure and job roles.

Values of care.How organisations promote quality care.

Theories relating to communication.

Interaction with the person who uses the service(s)/ practitioner(s).

Planning a health promotion campaign.

Carry out a health promotion campaign

RevisionCoursework improvements
Single Health and Social Care
Year 13 Factors influencing human development.Theories of human development.

Respiratory system.

Cardio-vascular system.

Digestive system

The concept of mental health.

Types of mental illness.

Causes of mental illness.

Theories continued.The application of theories to aid the understanding of behaviour and development.

Digestive system.

Reproductive system.

Musculo-skeletal and neural systems.

Effects of mental illness.

Preventative and coping strategies.

Support for people with mental needs.

Effects of lifestyle choices on body systems and health and well-being.REVISION

Coursework improvements.

Advanced GCE in Health and Social Care
Year 13 Planning and provision of services.Effects of national policy and legislation on care practice and provision.

How high quality assurance is promoted by services.

Development and monitoring of children.

Factors that influence development and norms of development.

Social trends and patterns of family life.

Reasons for change in the structure of the family and roles of individuals.

Conducting a survey relating to quality assurance.How services and practitioners meet individual needs.

Ways in which practitioners within services work in partnerships

The role of play in development.

How to plan and make a learning aid/activity for a child (0-8).

Changes to service provision available to the family and individuals.

Using data to explore and draw conclusions about the trends

Coursework improvements.