This is an overview of the ICT curriculum at Workington Academy.

Key stage 3

Year 7

Computers – an introduction
Is there anybody out there? Scratch programming to create an animation
Who Dunnit – Databases
5 a day – healthy eating – spreadsheet modelling
Bits and Bytes – how data is represented in a computer

Year 8
QR Codes
Algorithms & Flowcharts leading into Logo
Web of Deceit – how the internet portrays information
Python Programming
Dragon’s Den Business Enterprise work to create and market an App

Year 9
Trip to Taiwan – Standard ways of working & safe working practices
Scratch programming to create a game
Internet Searches & Email tasks
Relational Databases
Financial Spreadsheets
Business documents & Mail Merge
Use of online translators and other Internet services

Key stage 4

Year 10 & 11 (GCSE ICT)
Pre-production skills
Creating Digital Graphics
Creating interactive multimedia products
Storytelling with a comic Strip

OCR Computing

Key stage 5


Year 12 (Cambridge Technicals in IT)
Communication & Employability Skills
2D Animation Production
Information Systems

Year 13
Website Production
Multimedia Authoring
Social Media for Business

Creative & Media

Year 12 (Cambridge Technicals in Media & Communication Double Award)
Analysing media products and audiences
UK Music Studies
UK Radio Broadcasting
Radio Drama Production
Talk and Music Radio Production

Year 13 (Cambridge Technicals in Media & Communication Double Award)
UK Film and TV
Special Effects for Film and TV
UK TV production