This is an overview of the Personal Development curriculum at Workington Academy.

Year 7

  Respect 1/7

What do I need from others to lead a ‘healthy’ life?

(how can they show me Respect?)

  Respect 2/7

What do other people need from us to lead a ‘healthy’ life?]

Make your mark

(How do I show respect to others?)

  Respect 3/7 The confidence to be ourselves

(How can I show respect to myself?)

  Respect 4/7 The world’s largest lesson- Global dev goal
  Respect 5/7 Bystander to upstander
  Respect 6/7 Equalities Act

-respectful Vs ASB in communities- disability and age

  Respect 7/7 Making sure everyone is treated equally- sign language and consent
  RSE 1/6 Baseline Puberty- words
  RSE 2/6 Physical changes in boys and girls
  RSE 3/6 Common worries (and mental health through puberty)
  RSE 4/6 Periods
  RSE 5/6 Staying in charge of our bodies
  RSE 6/6 Managing relationships and conflict
  Personal Safety 1/ 8 On line safety 1

Why have age limits?

  Personal Safety 2/8 Online safety 2

Protecting myself and protecting others

  Personal Safety 3/8 Online safety 3


  Personal Safety 4/8 Physical health Diet, exercise, Sleep- which is most important?
  Personal Safety 5/8 Drugs- categorised by choices
  Personal Safety 6/8 Drugs- categorised by effect
  Personal Safety 7/8 Dangerous drinks- alcohol and caffeine
  Personal Safety 8/8 Smoking &Vaping


Year 8

  RSE 1/ 12 Respect in relationships

What does it mean to have a ‘healthy’ relationship?

-Respectful Vs ASB in school and in communities

  RSE 2/ 8 Respect in relationships

Can we learn to make healthy choices and inspire others?

Make your mark

  RSE 3/ 8 Respect in relationships

The types of relationships and

Coping with changing relationships

  RSE 4/ 8 Respect in relationships

Family relationships

  RSE 5/ 8 Respect in relationships


  RSE 6/ 8 Respect in relationships

Enjoying healthy friendships and romantic relationships

  RSE 7/ 8 Respect in relationships

Religious and racist hate crime 1

  RSE 8/ 8 Respect in relationships

R&R hate crime 2

  Citizenship 1/3

What is Extremism?

  Citizenship 2/3


  Citizenship 3/3


  Citizenship 1/6 What is the purpose of laws? How are they made?
  Anti- bullying week

Citizenship 2/6 Who has to obey the law?


  Citizenship 3/6 What are the purpose of Punishment & Death penalty?
  Citizenship 4/6 What is the Youth Justice System?

ASB- issues in the local community- protecting YP from the issues they can cause.

  Citizenship 5/6

What is Restorative Justice?

Effect actions have on communities.

  Citizenship 6/6 Should everything bad be against the law?
  Personal safety 1/5

Alcohol 1- what is it?

  Personal safety 2/5

Alcohol 2- what does it do to individuals?

  Personal safety 3/5 Drugs- cannabis
  Personal Safety 4 /5 What effects does drug misuse have on communities?
  Mental Health 1/3

Noting changes in mental health non-judgementally

  Mental Health 2/3

Where to look for advice and support

  Mental Health 4/4

Supporting others, Child line and the Samaritans

Year 9

  Growing up healthy 1/9 Introduction- ground rules

A healthy lifestyle= self- respect

Make your mark

  Growing up healthy 2/9

Managing stress

  Growing up healthy 3/9


  Growing up healthy 4/9

‘Raging teens’

  Growing up healthy 5/9

Diet, exercise and body image

  Growing up healthy 6/9

Drug misuse 1 (prescription and smoking)

  Growing up healthy 7/9

Drug misuse 2 (alcohol and illegal drugs)

  Growing up healthy 8/9

Developing healthy relationships

  Growing up healthy 9/9

sexual relationships and contraceptives

  Personal Safety 1/10

Online safety

  Personal Safety 2/10


  Personal Safety 3/10

Keeping others safe on line

  Personal Safety 4/10

First Aid- assessing situations

  Personal Safety 5/10

Communication and staying safe at Christmas

  Personal Safety 8/10

Head wounds and concussion

  Personal Safety 9/10

Fainting and the recovery position

  Citizenship 1/10

Personal identity

  Citizenship 3/10

LGBT Hate Crime

  Citizenship 4/10


  Citizenship 5/10

The limits of free speech

  Citizenship 6/10

The consequences of our language use

  Citizenship 7/10

Britain’s Gay Footballers

  Citizenship 8/10

What is Extremism?

  Citizenship 9/10


  Citizenship 10/10


Year 10

  Introduction- What does living ‘healthy’ lives in Year 10 mean?

Respect statement in planner

Make your mark

  Identity 1/4

Who am I?

  Identity 2/4

What am I like?

  Identity ¾

Me tree

  Identity 4/4

Skills, Strengths and Weaknesses

  Citizenship 1/12

Freedom Vs Safety (control)

  Citizenship 2/12

Drug legislation vs safety arguments 1

  Citizenship 3/12

Drug safety documentary

  Citizenship 4/12

Evaluation and creation of drug policy

  Citizenship 5/12

Parenthood- is it a right?

  Citizenship 6/12

Parenthood- how do we ensure the rights of children?

  Citizenship 7/12

Parenthood- what is our role?

  Citizenship 8/12

Freedom of speech- why shouldn’t we say whatever we want?

  Citizenship 9/12

FoS- Hate Speech/ how do we balance freedom and security?

  Citizenship 10/12

What is Extremism?

  Citizenship 11/12


  Citizenship 12/12


  RSE 1/10 – what characterises healthy adult relationships?
  RSE 2/10 Establishing healthy relationships
  RSE 3/10 The law and sexual relationships
  RSE 4/10 Sexual health and contraception
  RSE 5/10 Pregnancy ‘An everyday miracle’
  RSE 6/10 Pregnancy – is there a best age?
  RSE 7/10 Teen parenthood
  RSE 8/10 Managing conflict (Fiznik and Ava)
  RSE 9/10 Domestic abuse
  RSE 10/10 Managing the end of relationships
  My Money week

Money and personal finance 1/6

Cards and accounts

  Money and personal finance 2/6


  Money and personal finance 3/6

Personal skills and abilities

  Money and personal finance 4/6


  Money and personal finance 5/6

CVs and career exploration

  Money and personal finance 6/6

Student generated content



Year 11

  Introduction- what does being healthy in Year 11 mean?

Make your mark

  Careers 1/10

Identity/Who am I?

  Careers 2/10

What am I like?

  Careers 3/10

Identity/Me tree

  Careers 4/10

Skills/Strengths& Weaknesses

  Careers 5/10


  Careers 6/10

What next? The Future

  Careers 7/10


  Careers 8/10


  Careers 9/10

Erm, where next?

  Careers 10/10

Fast Tomato I.T

  RSE 1/7

Combatting Homophobia (FIT)

and Prejudice

  RSE 2/4


  RSE 3/7


RSE 4/7


  Citizenship 5/7

What is Extremism?

  Citizenship 6/7


  Citizenship 7/7


  Adult health matters


Mindfulness- mind and brain


  Adult health matters


Mindfulness- the storytelling mind

  Adult health matters


Mindfulness- mind and brain

  Recognising and responding to stress rather than reacting
  Adult health matters


Celebrating happiness

  Adult health matters


Depression and suicide and bereavement

  Adult health matters


Physical health- Sexual health

  Adult health matters


Self-examination- breast cancer

  Adult health matters


Self-examination testicular cancer

  Personal safety/Party On 1/4

Drug use and drug misuse

  Personal safety 2/4

Online safety

  Personal safety 3/4

Outside the home


  Personal safety 4/4

In the home

  Brain health 1/5

What does it do- and what does it need to do it well?

  Brain health 2/5

Rest time

  Brain health 3/5


  Brain health 4/5

Using every part of the brain

  Brain health 5/5

Putting it into practice


September 2017