This is an important and exciting time for all students in Year 9, as they prepare to make their choices for their courses of study in Key Stage 4, i.e. Years 10 and 11. It is our hope that both you as parents/carers and the students themselves will be actively involved in the decisions which have to be made over the coming weeks.

Within school, we are making every effort to support our students in their decision-making and the Options Evening is an opportunity to gain as much information as possible about the subjects, course content and delivery styles available to your child.

There are two possible pathways for students through the options process. These are designed to ensure a realistic and appropriate choice of courses is made.


Pathway 1 students will follow the English Baccalaureate pathway which requires them to study English Language, English Literature, Maths, Science, Geography or History and a Modern Foreign Language (French or German). Students will then have one free choice from the list of subjects.


Students on this pathway will study a core of English Language, English Literature, Maths and Science. They must also choose one from the following four subjects: Geography, History, French or German. They will then have two further free option choices.

Please be aware that some subject combinations may not be possible and all courses will depend on viable numbers as to whether they are finally offered.

GCSE Options