At Workington Academy, we are committed to ensuring that all students receive the necessary support and guidance to ensure that students choose the most appropriate post 16 option. One of the ways in which the Academy provides this is by running our Work Experience Programme each year.

Work Experience has a proven track record of providing students with skills that are necessary within a workplace. It also provides a practical insight into future career pathways and options, whilst enabling participants to gain valuable experience and hone their interpersonal skills for the wider world. Some of the benefits experienced help students to develop a competitive edge in the workplace in areas such as soft skills. These can include but are not limited to, commercial awareness, communication skills and teamwork, all of which are highly sought after by modern employers.

Work Experience is a week-long programme that will run from Monday to Friday at the end of the summer term. Students are actively encouraged to organise their own work placements. They will be required to write a letter of application, highlighting their interests and motivations behind their future career aspiration to a prospective employer and enclosing a copy of their CV. Support will be on hand for students writing their applications and there will also be access to the school’s database of companies.

An assembly will be held at the school for the Year 10 students to open the proceedings, then a letter of introduction/consent will be sent out to parents at the start of the scheme. Please complete the forms and send them back to us with the necessary information.

Please note the following points:

  • There are a number of legal restrictions which apply to this scheme, so some companies do not accept applicants below the age of 16.
  • No financial support is available to assist in covering the costs of transport to and from work experience or for meals.
  • It is illegal for employers to pay students for work experience.
  • All placements must have employer liability insurance.
  • Risk Assessments will be in place for all work placements


Work Experience


Parent and Student Consent Form 524.49 KB 219 downloads


Work Experience Parents Letter 335.12 KB 297 downloads